Workshop: Inuit Across the North


February 10, 2023


Presenters: Victor Tootoo, Okalik Eegeesiak, Heidi Metcalfe, Michelle Turpin and Jennifer David

Description: A workshop on Inuit cultural awareness, provided by NVision Insight Group

Do you work with Inuit or across Inuit Nunangat? Are you about to move North and want to know more about Inuit culture, history and governance? If you want to learn more about the spirit and intent, and history of modern treaties especially the Nunavut Agreement, please join three of NVision’s Inuit team members: Okalik Eegeesiak, Victor Tootoo, and Heidi Metcalfe as they take you on a journey into Inuit past, present and future in Nunavut and Nunatsiavut. The event will include a Q&A period.

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